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Monogram B-1B Lancer

Under Construction

This kit was out-of-production at the time I purchased it for $30.00(us) in 2006 at the IPMS Region VI show in Plano, Texas.
The kit is fairly rare in this boxing, however it has been re-released in other boxings.
Out of the box the kit represents a mix of a B-1B and a B-1A prototype. Research and customizing are required to accurately portray either version.
The original Monogram "lounge chairs" were removed and replaced with True Details resin Aces II Ejection seats. I scratch built many of the missing details in the cockpit from scrap styrene
I scribed panel lines and defogging vents into the instrument shroud.
The weapons bay has a molded-in fuel container and the long rotary launcher with AGM-86B's.
I puttied over all the external dual-missile hardpoint mounts (which were only used on Aircraft No. 9 [84-0059] and subsiquently restricted on all other aircraft due to Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT).
Here she was before I applied the rest of the
markings, antennas and lights.

Warning: Weight the nose good! Remember to test the center of balance with the wings fully swept. It makes a big difference! (a refueling crew can tell you first hand about that!)

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