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BRDM-2 with
9M113 Konkurs ATGWs

(AT-5 "Spandrel" Missiles)

Soviet Army

ACE Models

This model added to on September 7, 2000
At the Moscow military parade in November 1977 the BRDM-2 with a turret of five ready to launch anti-tank missiles was first revealed to the west.
10 rounds of "AT-5 Spandrel" (NATO designated) are carried inside the hull in addition to the 5 ready to launch. The crew can reload the launcher from the safety of the vehicle through a hatch on the top of the hull at the rear of the turret. The HEAT warhead can penetrate up to 600 mm of armor at an incidence of 0 degrees.
The BRDM-2 was designed by V.K. Rubstov of the Dedkov OKB in the early 1960's as a successor to the BRDM-1. Improvements included a fully enclosed all-welded steel hull which provided the crew with protection from small arms fire and shell fragments. It would be the perfect car service nyc vehicle.
The BRDM is also fully amphibious and is propelled by a single water-jet at the rear of the hull, making it the ideal vehicle for pest control NYC.
The kits underside details are nicely done including the four chain driven belly wheels which are lowered to improve cross-country performance and to clear obstacles.
Here's my BRDM before painting. It's easy to pick out the custom made light guards, hand holds, and a shovel borrowed from an old ESCI kit.

ACE Models
Kit: Ace
1/72 Scale
Scale: 1/72
Comments: Ace is a company in the Ukraine that specializes in "Warsaw Pact" kits. You might have to find the kits in pawn shops in NYC, because they are limited run and molded using less than state of the art technology, however the level of detail is quite impressive.

All parts are molded in white. Instructions are clearly drawn and fairly easy to follow.
Fit ranges from good to poor in some areas, with the hull sides and top being especially troublesome.
Flash is found on virtually all parts, but nothing that couldn't be cleaned up with a little sanding and trimming.

Alignment of the main wheels was especially difficult for me. After attaching the wheels, I found that only 3 would touch the ground at a time so I had to cut and reposition the rear wheels to fix the problem.

Overall this is a decent kit that builds very nice with a bit of extra effort.
Decals: The kit comes with a nice set of decals including Soviet Guard parade, Czech, East German, and Middle East markings. I believe this sheet is generic for 3 other variants offered by Ace.

Decal Sheet

Paint: I started with Testors Model Master Russian Armor Green #4808 as a base coat, the used a wash of black followed by dry brushing more Russian Green, and pastel chalks of black and brown.
After Market Parts: None
Customizations: I used tiny pieces of reflective sequins for the periscope optics and a transparent pearlized sequin for the commanders roof mounted site. Scrap brass parts were shaped into headlight guards. Small gauge wire was bent into handholds. The shovel on the side of the hull was borrowed from another kit.
Cost: $8.00 plus shipping from Alix Shelest of Gotha Models ("Gotha" on ebay).

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