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Do 28D-1 Skyservant

The Kit That Wouldn't Die!

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
No... this isn't a crash diorama! I dropped it off of the workbench severing the stabilizer, the wheel spats, and the cargo door, but that wasn't the worst of it. The impact cracked open the seam on the spine from the cockpit all the way back to the tail.
My first reaction was to scrap the whole kit, but after letting it set on the shelf a month, I decided I would fix it.

Modeling Advice #21: Damage never looks as bad a month later.
The Matchbox company is NOT known for detailed interiors. Even a cockpit floor isn't a guaranteed item in some of their kits, so I was happy to see all five of the interior pieces
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
I used some strip styrene to add framework to the walls, and also to detail the seats and instrument panel.
I like to use strips of masking tape for seat belts.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
Here's a shot of my Do 28 right after it's initial coat of paint - before it's gloss coating, decals and panel lines were applied.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
Even though decals had not been added yet at this stage, I still was able to fully enjoy a flight around the backyard (although I did have to compensate with extra loud "zooming" sounds).

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Matchbox Do28D Skyservant

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