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T-28D "Nomad"

Construction Details

One of the most important factors in kit buying... The Boxart looked COOL!
Heller Trojan Wings
The kit had these gun/ammo fairings molded onto the inner hardpoints. I couldn't find many photos of Air Force Nomads with these fairings so I removed them and filled in the holes with custom trimmed pieces of styrene and putty.
Heller Trojan engine cowling
I also cut away the molded "air vent" doors behind the engine cowling and replaced them with home-made vents to make them flair out more accurately.
Heller T-28 Trojan cockpit
The cockpit is very nicely done for a kit of this age, and after adding masking tape seat harnesses and scratch built engine throttles, it was painted and ready to be dropped in.
The T-28's cockpit was very appealing to pilots due to the cockpit layout. (It was the same as an F-86).
Heller Trojan cockpit canopy
The cockpit glass was very crisp and clear, but molded in the closed position. The Nomad looks so much more interesting to me with the "office" opened up...
Heller Trojan cockpit canopy I chopped it into pieces, sanded the edges smooth, and there it was, instant opened canopy!
This is actually quite easy if you're patient.
T-28 Heller assembly
Here's a shot with all of the major customizations in place. It's about ready for priming and sanding.

NOTE: I filled the nose with as much weight as I could cram in and it was JUST barely enough! It tail-sits with a good strong gust of wind.
Heller T-28d Trojan fennec
After a bit of paint and an appropriate South Asian weathering, it was done!
Heller Trojan landing gear
I added stretched sprue to simulate the brake runs. It spiced up the gear quite a bit.

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