1997 Squadron ScaleFest

1/72 Scale Single Crew Jets

I didn't even place out of eight other kits but I was very proud
that Paul Boyer (writer/photographer - Fine Scale Modeler ) only wanted to take pictures of my kit and one other in the catagory.
His stuff is really awesome so it's cool having him ask
questions about how I did the decals. His Wildcat won
1st place in 1/72 Single Crew Prop Aircraft and
he was kind enough to tell me the panel line technique he used.

There was only six entries in the 1/72 Double Crew Jet catagory
so I walked away with 3rd prize with my Tornado F.M K 3.
I kinda brought my Buccaneer as an after thought.
The Mig-31 Foxhound won first. It was really clean
and got me exited about building mine.

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